Building a robust Zookeeper client : connection management

To support high available Zookeeper service, we need to configure Zookeeper ensemble. But this is not enough. we need to understand how client manages connection to Zookeeper server. For test, I set up a Zookeeper ensemble. (port : 2181, 2182, 2183) After then, write a test client with 2 important parameters - 1) connect string … Continue reading Building a robust Zookeeper client : connection management

Programming Zookeeper – Watcher

The common pattern of Zookeeper is 1) to check existence of a znode or 2) to read a znode data. Let's suppose that you are building a program which does some action whenever a znode data is changed. The way to implement it is 1) to read the znode data periodically or 2) to get … Continue reading Programming Zookeeper – Watcher

Programming Zookeeper – Connecting to Zookeeper

When programming Zookeeper in Java, Zookeeper client or Curator is used. Zookeeper client is embedded in Zookeeper server library Curator is a wrapper for Zookeeper client, which enables easier programming There are something to consider when programming Zookeeper. The first point is connecting to Zookeeper. Let's suppose that you make a program which connects to … Continue reading Programming Zookeeper – Connecting to Zookeeper