Programming Zookeeper – Connecting to Zookeeper

When programming Zookeeper in Java, Zookeeper client or Curator is used. Zookeeper client is embedded in Zookeeper server library Curator is a wrapper for Zookeeper client, which enables easier programming There are something to consider when programming Zookeeper. The first point is connecting to Zookeeper. Let's suppose that you make a program which connects to … Continue reading Programming Zookeeper – Connecting to Zookeeper

Building Zookeeper cluster

Zookeeper is a cluster management solution. Therefore, Zookeeper needs to be set up as a cluster. If not, it can be the Single Point of Failure. Zookeeper cluster is called "ensemble". How to set up ensemble (based on v3.4.10) Basic config for a single Zookeeper is as follows. To change it into ensemble, add some … Continue reading Building Zookeeper cluster