Redis replication gap tuning

Redis manages replication offset between master and slaves. If you type in "INFO REPLICATION" at redis-cli, the following output comes out. For the above result, offset number can vary depending on each environment. But slave0's offset should be equal or similar to master_repl_offset. The gap between master_repl_offset and slave's offset is the amount which is … Continue reading Redis replication gap tuning

Setting Redis replication

Redis supports 1:N master-slave replication. Communcation between them is bi-directional. The following is step by step procedure. (Tested on version 4.0.6) Test environment 2 Redis are running on a host. One is master (port : 6379) and another is slave (port : 6479) Setting up replication Setting up replication happens only at slaves. The following … Continue reading Setting Redis replication